Friday, July 23, 2010

Comic-con day 1

Come out sudo early.. 11ish. Met a guy on the trolley and we both missed out stop and walked out to the con. Got dressed and made my march around. People were not as happy this year to see me... I wonder why though... I'm pretty sure everybody loves the pope. After a slew of pictures i make my way to the Hot Mexican Love Booth... which is empty. I weep many a tear... bless the booth then I'm on my way. I make my rounds around the con. Hitting up Arsenic Lullaby and a few more Indie booths i meet up with some friends. I get stopped by who stop me and challenges me to a street fighter bout. I accept and move my way around the con. Taking more pictures. Sadly I am picture less this year as I have been going alone on this journey with no photo bitch to string along. I went to the street fighter tournament to find out i have to take a "dive" of sorts because of a gag video they are doing. The pope dives for no man. After making my Hype video. I engage in combat with the host of the show... C.Viper Vs Guile. ... I beat him 2 - 0. We rematch and he beats me with Ryu 2-0. Close matches.... I should have used Ken. After the shoot i left back to the con... i missed the Baptist church unfortunately who got mobbed out by 75 80 people from the Internet... they never had a chance.

I got back in met up with friends and made our way around the con... That is when a messenger from heaven came... A minister of Love... Purveyor of all things hot and Mexican. Senor Ira came out of no where and told me that the REAL event has shown up. Hot Mexican love with their new 2010 edition (Which is excelente) . After checking somethings out the group wanted to do I headed over to the Hot Mexican Love Booth. 014. I am met with praise and love.... I complete my Comic collection they have and also shot glass (holy water only). After blessing and damning a few people to hell (free crap monster) I move along the rest of the con. Blessing and just being overly bad ass.

Basically it... no pictures but hopefully some today.

see you at con day 2

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