Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back in the Vatican

Hello Everyone,

I am the Comic-Con Pope, The San Diego Pope, or just "The Pope". I've decided to setup a little spot on the internet to give updates on myself and overall side projects. Also, a place for people to send me stuff whether it be Love/Hate mail or places on the internet they have found me. To my small cult following, I bless you.

Unfortunately, this year i can't do a day play by play but next year I will be ready. For now I'll try and do an over all mental re-cap of my days at the Con and also place up some of the pictures my disciples took.

ALSO. I am NOT payed or influenced in anyway to place up anything positive. I do this to support people, comics, publishers that I enjoy and hope others would enjoy also.

Also also, I'm sorry for the blotchy memory thing. Once again, I wasn't really prepared. Next year though.


Got there pretty early and dressed for success. My costume has changed quiet a bit from my previous years.

From this

to this.

Still rocking the same hat but that will change next year. I'll give you a updates of my costume additions via this blog as I get to it. So I get there and go straight to my loves. An early believer in me. They refer to me as "The space pope" and have been a disciples ever since.
Hot Mexican Love Comics
Their blog

I was greeted as I always am. Cheers, Open arms, and Hot Mexican Love. This has been my first stop for about 3-4 years. I started going there after discovering them 4-5 years ago. They are an awesome group of people and I would encourage you to stop by and check out their comics and such. Good set of guys with great humor.

I hung out there taking a few shots with followers

The passion index fell upon my leaving but it was time to show my presence across the rest of the Con.

Also, you most likely missed the biggest deal of the con. If they still have it, you can e-mail them and maybe you can pick this up deal.(I expect a finder fee Ira)

(Collector's Item Misprint! $1,000,000 (Contains Double Love))

So I left to roam the Con and looking at all the Small Press Outfits and other things that caught my eye.

I also picked a comic from the neighboring booth. Jesus Christ: In the name of the gun
I have read this comic and I can't wait for the second episode. If your not a fan of the whole Blasphemy blah blah blah. Don't get it. But i must say it was quite Delightful.

I stumbled upon a The Stunt People. I've been in their booth over the past couple of years.

(Taken by them in front of their booth)

I talked to some of their guys.

Talked about a movie I bought before, The Immortal. We talked about how it was making and staring in the movie. Very easy people to talk, too. So I picked up two of their movies. I'll place up my reviews about it when I get time to watch them.

Roaming around the halls you get stopped by a lot of people. I mean, I am the pope. Who doesn't want to know me/take a picture with me.

After stumbling around the Con for a bit taking pictures with admirers and disciples. I stumbled across Stonehaven. A Kevin "Stickman" Tinsley Comic. We talked for a bit and I picked up a comic which I have already read, and I would buy another to see how the story and the city progresses.

I met someone straight from the Holy Lands near by. He said we were doing quite well.

We continued down the red carpet. Being blasted at by "The Black Bastard" Comic ring ... walking around some people from Arsenic Lullabies. If you don't like dark humor, I don't recommend going to this booth. But, if you are a fan I would keep an eye out next con or just visit the site. There be a bit of misspelling around but doesn't make their comics less funny or lovable. A friend of the creator rushed out to get a picture with me. Could hardly contain herself with my greatness being present.

I bought 2 comics and they threw one in due to my greatness and also the deal they had there before I even arrived. Signed them and I was on my way. I read them all. I enjoy them all. So, if your into dark humor I would pop by their area next comic con or pick some stuff up.

We ran into MC Front-a-lot. He is a good guy, great Nerd-Core Rapper.

I also was stopped and praised by Vanessa Marshall. I was sorta in awe when she told me she was the voice of Mary Jane, I looked her up and all the things she did and now I'm kinda upset i couldn't give her the proper praise she deserved when we first met. Maybe next con kiddo. Maybe next con.

That basically wraps up the Saturday.... Well to my knowledge that is. Here are a few more pictures of that day.


Not many picture nor much to talk about. I brought a friend who has never been to a Con. I toured (More like ran) her around and got a couple of pictures. Also, Found Jesus. Well... Not in the sense that I had bad run in life with drugs and alcohol and Jesus lifted my spirit kinda way. I found Buddy Jesus literally.

That was comic con. I wasn't able to go to all 5 days due to getting tied up at the Vatican. But next year I'll be there all 5. Feel free to stop to me and talk or take pictures. In or out of costume. I'll be placing up blog spots of random adventures and the internet sitcom that we are currently filming "The 4 Of Us".

Stay tuned.

Internet findings

If you find anything. Send it to me or comment it!

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