Monday, August 24, 2009

... On the next "The 4 of us"

Hey everyone,

(Sorry for the cell phone pic. Spur of the moment)

...Or just myself. Not sure who reads this or not. Anyway, I thought it was time for an update. My good buddy Matt of the brothers Wallace has been writing like a mad man and starting our shoot schedule for our show "The 4 of us". This should be on every Wednesday on Youtube and other fine video hosting sites out. The day is still being worked out. We are aiming to start the shows upload in September but I'm going over scripts and re-writing as needed. I am also writing a few of my own. Things are moving along and I should have an update or two later on. I might even place up a clip or some script blurbs. Just for you faithful out there, my beloved flock.

In other news, you like video games? Of course you do, who the hell don't. Lazer Lemurs is a growing community of gamers with theme months, days, weeks, and seconds. Don't have people to play with? Other than being pathetic, sign up and game with us. I do mean us, I usually play every game night with these guys also participate in the movie nights that have been a blast so far. So if you have an X-box. Join us! PC gamer? Join us! Ps3? Join Us! Nintendo Wii? Give us your friend code and we can fight Nintendo and traverse their horrible barbaric system....Together!

Also, on the topic of LzL or Lazer Lemurs... We are starting a league for Blood Bowl for our group and our growing community of gamers. If you have the game and would like to participate, join our forums and post today. If you like turn based strategies, football, some violence and a pinch of comedy, I suggest you obtain this game.

So in closing, "The 4 of us" comes soon and your eyes will gently pat your brain for the comedy it will consume. Play with me on some games and get your voice heard on games. You might even find people who enjoy playing weird and obscure games that aren't played that often anymore. They might even be willing to try them. And blood bowl.

See you kids around.


  1. Fuck yeah, games and comedy, what more could you ask for?

    Answer: A hand job.

  2. Bloodbowl link broken, for me at least. I'll use my handy dandy Google.

  3. @Travis
    Too many http://

    thanks for the heads up

  4. your wish is our desire, check out our blog NOW!